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 Rules on server.READ!

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PostSubject: Rules on server.READ!   Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:56 pm

All players on server can't broke rules or he's can be banned or if you are admin you can lose you admin pleasse read! :

For players:
1.Not swearing\Kick,Mute,Later Unmute,Ban for 1 day
2 Do not ask for admin!\Mute,Kick
3.Do not cheat!\Kick,Ban for perm
4.Do not use MTM in you nick! ( if your not in the clan )\Ban for week,If again ban for perm
5.Do not ask for lvls on WCS\Mute - Later Unmute,Kick,1 Hour Ban

For admins:
1.Don't abuse! \If owners got screen admin what abusing lost admin menu..

3.About ban \If admin ban a player he need tell to owner why he ban him or you can for that lost admin..
3.Don't give to your self lvls on wcs only donate to all (Only Sometimes)\If you abuse you lost wcs admin

And on end of this topic : Admin can become all but you need be a good.

Actual admins and positions: MtM Edizon\Owner,MtM Obruun\Low Owner,MtM Xzept\Low Owner,MtM Martin\Admin,MtM Noob\Admin,MtM Razer\Admin

It's all! Have a funny day Smile

Cs:S 4ever

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Rules on server.READ!
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